Where are you located?

Plantman HQ is based in Perth, Bellevue Australia


How can I contact Plantman?


08 9274 7820


Frank Lee +61 (0) 437 606 600

Jordan Elliot +61 (0) 408 906 601

Ashley Elliot +61 (0) 447 906 660


Marc Holyoake +61 (0) 437 906 606

Mike Shaw +61 (0) 488 603 605

Michael Elliot +61 (0) 418 906 601


What are your hours of operation?

Office opening hours: 8:30am – 5pm – Monday – Friday

Workshop opening hours: 8:30am – 5pm – Monday – Sunday


Who do you work with?

Plantman is a privately owned and operated company delivering a broad range of heavy equipment products and services to the Australian & international mining, civil and construction industries. The company provides mobile equipment for sale or rent, together with maintenance, parts, engineering, and fabrication services.


Do you supply equipment Australia wide?

Yes, we are not just about making sure every Australian has access – although that’s important as well- but also guaranteeing safety for all Australians with quality service like ours.


Do you work with customers overseas?

Yes, we know that sometimes it can get tricky trying to find suppliers of high-quality goods who are also willing/able enough to send their equipment anywhere on earth–especially if they’re not aware of how many customers there are outside Australia’s boundaries and borders! That is why we welcome people from all over the world as potential partners.


Are your vehicles Minespec?

Plantman has a lot of experience in catering to the mining industry – we know what you need and how to get it. If you’re looking for mine bars, flags, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, or anything else to help make your equipment compliant then look no further because Plantman can absolutely help! Whatever you want from today or tomorrow; we have it covered!


What equipment do you provide?


• Service Trucks
• Water Trucks
• Diesel Tankers
• Crane Trucks
• Flat Tray Trucks
• Tipper Trucks
• Mine Buses
• Light Vehicles  


• Wheel Loaders
• Track Dozers
• Motor Graders
• Articulated Dump Trucks
• Articulated Water Trucks
• Articulated Diesel Tankers
• Excavator
• Tyre Handler  


• Fuel Trailers
• Air Compressors
• Diesel Generators
• Mini Excavator
• Skid Steer Loaders
• Trailers
• Vacuum Excavator  

Download the list of our current fleet:


Are your vehicles well maintained?

We take pride in the care of our fleet, and it shows. Our vehicles are well maintained, we make sure that piece of equipment we have is in top condition. We know how important safety is for you out on the road, so we always make sure everything runs smoothly before each trip begins.


Do you have an age limit to drive the equipment?

All drivers must be licensed and over 21 years of age, unless the Hirer provides Plantman a certificate of currency showing that relevant insurance has been taken out by the Hirer to cover them and their vehicle while they are driving.


Do you buy equipment?

Plantman is always ready to serve its customers by purchasing used surplus and idle equipment, so take a look at what you have lying around!

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to provide Plantman’s large customer base with top-quality products. If any of your company’s equipment fits this criteria then please reach out to us.


How does pricing work?

We cater to customers with a variety of needs. If you need something for tomorrow, we have what it takes and we will get the job done without any hassle or delay. We offer competitive pricing that’s customised based on your requirements – from per day rental periods (weekly/monthly).


Will I have to pay GST and On Road Cost?

The most notable charge when it comes time to buying & renting equipment will likely be GST (Goods & Services Tax) which accounts for 10% of the total cost. For vehicle purchases ORC (On Road Cost) are also not included.


Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions below, which form part of Plantman Rental Agreement and/or Plantman Supply of Goods and Services:

Click to download Terms and Conditions below:

Plantman Terms and Conditions of Hire

Plantman Terms and Conditions of Supply


How do I know what is currently available for rental?

Find out the availability of equipment by giving us a call. We want to find you the perfect solution for your needs, and we are always open to adding new equipment to our rental fleet. For example, if there is something not listed in our current list of rentals give us a call so that we can purchase and arrange it for you.


Can I get vehicles not listed in your current fleet?

We are always open to providing you the best equipment and growing our rental fleet. For example, if there is a vehicle not listed in our current rental fleet give us a call and we can organise it for your next project.


What is the minimum duration for rental?

The minimum duration of rental is one day.


How long can I rent a piece of equipment?

With our equipment rental, you’ll have a range of options depending on how long it will take to finish the job. If you need the equipment for longer give us a call and we can help by extending your contract and provide you an affordable solution that’s hassle-free.                         


Who can rent your equipment?

If you are over 21 years of age Plantman can provide the solution to any of your earthmoving, construction, mining, or civil needs. With our equipment sales, rental, parts and service you’ll never have a need for something that we don’t already provide.


Can I inspect the equipment myself before rental?

We want you to be fully confident in all of your rental decisions, so we offer complimentary inspections. Make sure it’s not just the look and feel that is right for you before committing!

We always encourage our customers to come down and inspect equipment first-hand before they rent or buy from us.


Is maintenance included in rental?

Maintenance is not included. For our customers we offer the option of a maintenance plan to ensure your vehicles stay in great shape. Our technicians provide holistic, professional attention and services that are quick and reliable! You’ll be able to rely on us so you can focus on more important things – namely running your business.


What if I damage the equipment?

The customer is responsible for all damages to the rental equipment. We encourage customers to have their own insurance on hand and organise it before renting equipment from our location in case of accidents.


Can we have our own insurance?

One of the many advantages of renting equipment is that you can organise your own insurance to cover any damage. This means if an unfortunate accident occurs, then all costs will be covered by the renter’s insurance. If you have any questions about this, we’ll be happy to help.


What happens if the vehicle requires maintenance during our hire period?

As soon as we’re on the clock, we’ll be in regular contact with you to monitor upcoming scheduled maintenance or arrange for repairs. We work with you to pick a time and location that’s convenient for everyone involved when our team identifies any need for servicing or repair – so don’t hesitate!


Do I have to pay for fuel?

We have rental equipment for anything you could need! You are responsible for paying to fill up on your own fuel when renting any of our vehicles. If this is an issue, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help before your rental.


Can you provide training for the equipment?

We offer hands-on, expert training that teaches you exactly how to operate our equipment.

We pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date and comprehensive lessons in order for customers of all experience levels to be able to use our machines with complete confidence.


Do you provide Weed & Seed certificates with your rental vehicles?

All our rental equipment complete Weed and Seed washes at our workshop before heading out on the job. If required, we provide certificates of completion and also certify that the vehicle meets with all regulations for site.


Do you deliver the equipment?

We’re happy to organise the delivery of your equipment anywhere in Australia. We cater for mining and construction needs, so you can rely on us for all aspects of machinery supply.

We also have a range of delivery options for mine sites, such as freight or national courier services. We take care to ensure that everything is delivered without any damage and quickly in order to minimise downtime on operations at your site.


Can we use our own sticker decals?

Yes, Plantman offers sticker decals for all sales & rental machines that are designed with durability and visibility in mind so they’ll never go missing!


Do you import and export equipment?

Plantman is a natural fit for those looking to import and export equipment. They can provide machinery, transport vehicles, tools/supplies- just about anything you need earthmoving, construction and mining related.


Can you rebuild my vehicle to O.E.M standard?

At Plantman Equipment, we are able to take any piece of machinery that has been damaged or worn down by age and rebuilding them so they run like new again using trustworthy replacement parts straight from the manufacturer for faster turnaround time on getting things fixed right away while still maintaining high-quality workmanship throughout every step of the process.


Do you provide fleet maintenance?

With a proven track record in equipment reliability, Plantman’s team of experienced mechanics can offer you a range of maintenance services to get your mining fleet back on top form. From refurbishing old machinery to ensure it runs smoothly and meets industry standards, as well as taking care of more urgent yet time-saving issues like broken leaf springs or worn down belts, we take into account all types of needs so you can be at ease knowing that our work is keeping progress going strong.


Can you repair equipment onsite?

We’re not ones to get dirty – but we do. Our Plantman crew are skilled and trustworthy. If your equipment needs are too big for you, or if it’s something out of the ordinary, give us a shout and we can come and help you out.

When your plant is on its last leg, let our team take care of you. We will assess the damage and get you back up and running in no time with a customised maintenance package to keep you chugging away for years to come. With skilled personnel, mine spec mining vehicles, and competitive rates we are hard to beat when it comes to partnering in business ventures.


Do you provide mechanical repairs and services for equipment other than your own rental equipment?

We strive to keep your machinery in top shape by providing the mechanical repairs and services you need. We want nothing more than for your equipment, like our own rental machines, to be up-to-date with latest technology so that it can provide a safe work environment while saving time on maintenance costs.


Can you prepare my vehicle for WA vehicle licensing?

Plantman is a WA Vehicle Licensing Compliance solution tailored specifically around you. Get your equipment back on track and take a load off your back with our speedy turn-around from fast-track vehicle maintenance and support from our rental fleet.


How do I determine what size and capacity of Service Truck I need?

To get the most out of your job, you’ll need to know what it is that you want. The size and purpose of a fuel service truck can vary depending on where in world you’re transporting fuel from one location to another as well as if there are any specific modifications needed in order for them to be able to work efficiently. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll help guide you through making a decision!


Do you stock parts?

We’re stocked with the most common parts for all your rental needs. If we don’t have it, just give us a call and tell us what you need so that one of our knowledgeable staff members can find it!


What is a Service Truck?

A service truck is a life-saver for machines in remote areas. Providing fuel, grease, oil, and compressed air as well as waste disposal services to those who need it most can be difficult. And while this all sounds pretty straightforward these heavy-duty vehicles also provide necessary attachments to suit many types of equipment maintenance needs.


How do I buy a Service Truck?

As a mining company, you need to make sure that your fleet is up-to-date. One way of doing this is by purchasing new service trucks from one of the best brands in the business right: contact Plantman Equipment for more information about their products and how they can help you take the next step in purchasing a service truck.


What is the timeframe on a Service Truck build?

Though it’s often hard to keep up with the demand for Servicing Trucks, we’ve never been more committed than ever before. Modern technology and new methods of construction have revolutionised our process so that service vehicles can be built quickly – even if design materials are scarce or labour is in high-demand! We do everything possible every day to get these service trucks out into your hands and on the jobsite as soon as they’re ready because waiting just isn’t an option when there’s work left undone.


How do I maintain my Service Truck?

To attain the high level of diesel cleanliness needed for today’s modern equipment, owners need to be sure they are preventing & removing contamination at every step along the fuel supply chain. Reduce the risk of fuel contamination by ensuring your Service Truck is correctly serviced and operating within recommended limits. Contact Plantman today to ensure you get set up with a maintenance plan that will suit your site requirements!


Can you provide finance in purchasing a Service Truck?

Plantman’s finance options are perfect for those who need large sums of money to invest in a new piece of equipment. Plantman will work with you on your project in pointing you in the right direction for financing solution required, be it asset or project-based tailored specifically for businesses involved with mining, earthmoving, or construction.


Do you provide a warranty on my Service Truck purchase?

We offer extensive warranties on all Service Truck provided. Have peace of mind that comes from knowing that if anything goes wrong with your Service Truck after purchase–you’re covered! We also have friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives who are always happy to advice what is included for any given sale.


What engine oil and/or coolant do I need for my Service Truck?

Tools and lubricant are essential for maintaining your vehicle. The Recommended Fluids, Lubricants and Diesel Fuels section in the Owner’s Manual will give you a detailed list to help maintain your Service Truck so that it can last longer without breaking down.


Can I request a Service Truck owner manual?

As you are the proud owner of a Plantman Service Truck, it is important to be aware that all equipment needs upkeep and care. This includes your Owner Manuals! To help ensure continued operation for decades on end, we have made additional copies available for purchase from our authorised Plantman Equipment HQ. The contact details can also be found below if needed or by calling us today at 08 9274 7820.


What is the fuel consumption for Service Trucks?

The fuel efficiency of a Service Trucks is largely dependent on the type and size. Variables such as body types, load weights, driver habits can affect how much gas a truck consumes. Indeed no two trucks are identical in operation which makes it difficult to accurately predict driving behaviour due to different factors that contribute towards its fuel consumption rating.


Can you modify my existing Service Truck?

We can customise your fleet of service trucks to match the needs for any particular type of job. Our team has extensive knowledge in designing and building Service Trucks with heavy-duty durability, but we also know that different types of work require specific features like a crane or even an extra toolbox. We will discuss how you want each feature before getting started so there are no surprises later on down the line!




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