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Mining Diesel Tankers

Diesel fuel powers much of the mining industry from heavy machinery to the generators at remote mining sites. Often, the areas of operation are relatively secluded or located far from general fuel distribution outlets. Since downtime for machine maintenance and refuelling can incur huge costs, mining diesel tankers offer big cost saving benefits.

Plantman Equipment offers various mining diesel tankers on hire for on-site and on-demand fuel supply, so your mining operations can continue uninterrupted:

We supply mining diesel tankers throughout Australia and can serve your mining equipment needs wherever you may be. We also have international clients in 12 countries worldwide and a proven track record in the earthmoving and mining industry.

Areas of Application

Mining diesel tankers provide mobile refuelling solutions to equipment and machinery used in the mining and construction industry. They are essential for on-site diesel refuelling for large machinery and operations, many of which are most often in remote areas.

By having the capability to rapidly replenish the daily diesel consumption in mining operations, mining diesel tankers enable work to be done without any major stoppages. As a result, different equipment such as generators and vehicles can be operated continuously, facilitating projects to be completed well within deadlines.

Sturdy and well-built mining diesel tankers can be especially advantageous in harsh mining environments with difficult terrain.

Mining Diesel Tankers for Rent in Perth

If you need mining diesel tankers for rent in Perth or anywhere in Australia, Plantman can supply you with quality equipment. Our vehicles are well maintained and in top condition. Before renting or buying from us, we encourage you to inspect equipment first-hand at our base of operations in Perth, Bellevue.

We have been catering to the mining, earthmoving, construction and civil equipment industries since 1992 and have considerable experience in this sector. Feel free to contact us for the best quality mining equipment for your situation.

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FAQs - Mining Diesel Tankers

Why hire mining diesel tankers from Plantman?

Plantman Equipment delivers a broad range of mining equipment, including mining diesel tankers anywhere in Australia. You can rely on us for all aspects of machinery supply regarding your mining and construction needs. We commenced operations in 1992, and we have been ISO 9001 certified since 1993. Quality is guaranteed.

What can mining diesel tankers be used for?

Mining diesel tankers are used for refuelling the various equipment and machinery that are in operation in the mining and construction industry. Without them, you may have to incur serious downtime that costs you not only time but also money.

What is the difference between a mining diesel tanker and a regular fuel tanker truck?

Fuel tanker trucks are tankers that are primarily used to deliver fuel to retail fuel outlets in cities and towns as well as to aircraft at airfields and airports. They cannot travel through rough terrain, but mining diesel tankers are designed to effectively reach and supply the diesel needs in remote mining operations.



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