Plantman’s range of new and used water trucks and trailers are available for purchase or on a dry-hire basis, over short or longer-term periods around the greater Perth area and across Australia.



Our water carts come in a range of size capacities (between 1,500 Litres – 18,000 Litres) and are built to Australia’s high-quality regulations and mine specifications, making them suitable for a range of applications and rugged environments including:

  • Mining and construction site dust and dirt suppression/control
  • Local council roadworks and vegetation care
  • Commercial & industrial business applications
  • Rural and farming
  • Sporting and promotional events


The truck design can be tailored to your desired usage, with adjustments available to:

  • Base chassis type and size
  • Tank size and internal baffle setup
  • Fixed or skid style tanks
  • Tank usage (bore or potable drinking water)
  • Pump size
  • Fill style (self or top-fill)
  • Water distribution types
    • In-cab controlled front water cannon
    • Front, back and side independently adjustable sprayers
    • Pressurised dribble bars
    • Gravity-fed drop bar
    • Hydrant hoses


The entire Plantman service vehicle fleet is designed and manufactured by Plantman Equipment in its Perth based manufacturing facilities using locally sourced, high grade raw materials and parts.

Vehicles are designed to meet not only Australian standards and mine specification standards, but also the company’s own high quality requirements that has seen Plantman successfully provide to the international mining community for over 30 years.


Plantman Equipment can rapidly respond to and action your inquiries with a team of full-time support and service professionals. The company’s dedicated Parts and Purchasing Division provides high levels of product and parts knowledge and the ability to ship most major components in the same day.
Plantman customers receive regular contact and site equipment inspections, together with on-site technical support where necessary.

The key parts of a water tanker truck

When considering a water truck for sale in WA or even hiring one on a short-term basis, it’s essential to know what you’re looking for. Here are the three key parts of a water cart.

Water tanks

The tanks are filled with water (either bore or potable, depending on your needs). Capacity is important, with Plantman offering water tanks from 1,500 litres to 18,000 litres. Tank sizes are fully customisable.

Truck chassis

The base chassis type and size are also customisable. This part of the truck is a significant consideration for difficult terrain, so ensure you ask about a high chassis if working on uneven surfaces.

Water pumping equipment

This is how the water gets from your tanker to its desired location. Your choices here will depend on what you’re using the water cart for. Popular distribution methods include hoses, water cannons, sprayers and pressurised dribble bars.

When you choose Plantman, all of these components are completely customisable to suit your needs.

No job too big or small

Plantman works with companies of all sizes, and we’ve got water tanker trucks suitable for all applications. From a smaller 1,500 litre tanker for less intensive operations to 18,000-litre tankers for large mining sites, we’ve got the trucks you need.

As fleet specialists, we can work closely with your team to understand your individual needs. That means analysing your requirements carefully and proposing a fleet of water trucks and other vehicles that genuinely improve your operation.

Whether you need one truck or a fleet of several, we’re the team you can count on. Increasing productivity, safety and reliability of fleet vehicles is our speciality, and we’d love to help you.

Reducing downtime

No matter how you use your water trucks, perhaps the biggest advantage is increasing productivity. Downtime in a mining or construction setting costs money. There’s no way around that because time is money. For example, if it takes twice as long as necessary to build a road for your mining operation, it can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Using a water cart can speed up this process, which ultimately means you’re up and running faster.

The same goes for dust suppression. If conditions are unworkable or unsafe, you could experience downtime until the dust is controlled and managed. Water carts simplify dust suppression, meaning you can keep working with no interruptions. Whether you’re in mining, construction, or even agriculture, a ready supply of easily disbursed water can save you money.

Why are water carts crucial in Australian mining?

Whether your mining operation is large or small, you’ll need to manage multiple elements if operating in Australia. Firstly, keeping the mine site relatively dust-free and creating usable roads in and out of your operation. Here’s why water carts are invaluable for Australian mining.

Dust suppression

Australia’s dry outback is known for heat and dust. With so much of Australia’s mining operations in dusty regions, particularly in Western Australia, dust suppression techniques are required.

Water is commonly used in mining operations to soak the earth and create a less dusty environment for workers. While nobody expects mining to be clean and easy work, the dust in Australia’s mines can become unbearable, making water trucks a valuable commodity.

Road construction

Naturally, every mine site needs roads constructed in the area to allow vehicles to move seamlessly from place to place. Roads are crucial to a mining operation, from access for service vehicles to the delivery and removal of materials and equipment.

Water carts are used with compaction rollers and graders to turn rough terrain into usable roads. While there are other ways to do this, water reduces construction time and is a lot easier for all concerned.

If you require water trucks or any other mining and construction truck, call one of the numbers below or fill in the form. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] to discuss your needs.


All equipment supplied to the customer by Plantman will be on the following General Terms and Conditions, which form part of the Supply Agreement.


Plantman Water Trucks can be deployed in the following sizes to meet your site requirements:

Plantman WT18000 Truck

Volume (L): 18,000
G.V.M (Kg): 28,500
Axels: 8×4


Plantman WT15000 Truck

Volume (L): 18,000
G.V.M (Kg): 22,500
Axels: 8×4, 6×4


Plantman WT12000 Truck

Volume (L): 12,000
G.V.M (Kg): 16,500
Axels: 6×4


Plantman WT6000 Truck

Volume (L): 6,000
G.V.M (Kg): 10,400
Axels: 4×4, 4×2


Plantman WT3000 Truck

Volume (L): 3,000
G.V.M (Kg): 10,400
Axels: 4×4, 4×2


Plantman WT1500 Truck

Volume (L): 1,500
G.V.M (Kg): 2,000
Axels: Tandem

Plantman acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of this region, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and their descendants.