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Tipper Trucks Built for Tough Conditions

Our tipper trucks are built for tough Australian conditions. From mining operations to civil construction, our trucks are recognised as the industry standard. With robust construction, Minespec electrics and all the safety features you could ask for, our tipper trucks are built to last. With a range of tray sizes to choose from, Plantman is your number one choice for tipper truck hire in Perth, WA. 

We’ve been providing reliable heavy-duty vehicles to the mining and construction industries since 1992, and we’ve put our trucks to the test in some of the world’s harshest environments. Continually evolving to meet the changing needs of industry, and that of our client's specific needs, our fleet of tipper trucks for rent in Perth has proven time and time again to withstand tough conditions.

Where can our tipper trucks be used?

Since our tipper trucks are built for tough conditions, you can use them in a range of applications. With hazard reduction and safety being a trademark of all Plantman vehicles, you can rest assured that they will operate effectively even in harsh terrains. We’ve helped countless customers with tipper truck rental in Perth, across a wide range of applications such as:

  • Deep pit mining
  • Underground mining
  • Mining
  • Civil construction

Best of all, we have a great range to choose from. Our main fleet is comprised of Hino and Isuzu tipper trucks because we trust their high standard of manufacturing and durability. They may be Japanese trucks, but they are built tough for Aussie conditions. Plus, we ensure all of our tipper trucks are serviced regularly and fitted with high-grade components that won’t let you down.

The features of reliable, high-quality tipper trucks

Whether you’re looking for an Isuzu tipper truck for sale, a short-term rental vehicle or even mini tipper truck hire, then you already know where you’ll be using the vehicle. Mining operations and civil construction sites are rarely easy spaces to move around, which is why you need the durability of a Plantman tipper truck. 

Our tipper trucks are customisable for your unique needs. However, we find that the existing features of our trucks are more than enough to satisfy most large-scale operations, whether it’s in mining, civil construction or something else.

Customisation aside, here are some of the features of our tipper trucks.

Automatic transmission

All of our tipper trucks are available in automatic transmission for increased ease of operation.

Side tip trucks available

Depending on the access you have to a specific area, rear-tippers may not be suitable. If that’s the case, we’ve got side-tip trays available on our Isuzu trucks. The 6.2m side-tip tray gives you increased flexibility for complex sites.

Durability in tough conditions

We put our tipper trucks to the test in some of Australia’s harshest mining environments. With a focus on robust manufacturing, you can rely on our tipper trucks to perform under challenging conditions.

Packed with safety features

Safety is a huge concern on all worksites, which is why we ensure our tipper trucks are packed with features. Popular features include 2-way radio, fire extinguishers, safety signage, auxiliary lighting, reverse alarm and much more.

Minespec electrics

Our vehicles come complete with minespec electrics for smoother, reliable operation every time. In fact, all components for our vehicles, from electrics to brake linings, are all chosen for their durability and strength.

A range of tipper tray sizes

Every worksite is different, which is why we offer a range of different-sized tipper trucks. Ranging from 4.5m3 to 11.3m3, we’ve got something to suit your needs.

Overall, it’s the care we take in selecting components and the robust construction that sets our vehicles apart from the rest. When you want to exceed all safety standards and hire tipper trucks in Perth that will stand up to even the harshest conditions, you can rely on Plantman.

The benefits of tipper trucks

Removing or delivering heavy rocks, sand, dirt, gravel and other materials is crucial for most mining and construction operations. Due to the unique nature of Australia’s mining industry, sites are generally isolated and are not always situated in truck-friendly environments. That’s why you need tipper trucks that can go the distance while still remaining cost-effective to run. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider Plantman tipper trucks for hire.


In many cases, bigger is better when it comes to tipper trucks. With long distances to travel, especially in the Australian landscape, you want to carry bigger loads to reduce the number of trips required. Fewer trips mean lower driver costs and less wear and tear on the vehicle. For that reason, we back our tipper trucks to be some of the most cost-effective available.

For large scale operations, we have Isuzu tipper trucks with an 11.3m3 tipping body, designed for those big jobs.

Suitable for large-scale operations

There are plenty of mini tipper trucks for hire in Perth, but in larger operations such as mining and civil construction, you’ll likely need something bigger.  With tipping bodies up to 11.3m3, our trucks are suitable for the most heavy-duty applications.

Plantman vehicles are built for the biggest and toughest jobs, whether it’s initial earthmoving operations or site clean-ups.

Increased site safety

We fit our tipper trucks with safety features to ensure your drivers, workers and overall site health is always a priority. From fire extinguishers to guarding on accessible moving parts, our trucks are built with safety in mind.

Call 08 9274 7820 or fill in the form below to speak with us about tipper trucks for rent in Perth. Our vehicles are also available for sale, with our experts always available to discuss your fleet requirements.

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