Earthmoving Attachments

Whether you are engaged in a large-scale commercial or civil mining project, you need specialised earthmoving equipment to get the job done right. Renting different earthmoving attachments then gives your heavy equipment some much-needed versatility.

Plantman Equipment offers various earthmoving attachments for hire to help you effectively handle all types of earthwork:

  • Tyre Handlers: Tools to manipulate and rotate tyres of earthmoving and mining equipment for fitting, removal or fixing their alignment.
  • Buckets: Primarily used for digging, bucket attachments are used in various circumstances such as rock excavation and clean-up.
  • Forks: For easy lifting and handling of all sorts of materials on pallets using heavy machinery such as skid-steer loaders.
  • Jibs: Extremely adaptable overhead lifting devices to lift, move and lower heavy loads.
  • Compactors: Powerful soil compaction equipment used for reinforcing and stabilising the foundations of various projects and structures.

We supply earthmoving attachments in Australia and welcome people from all over the world as potential partners. No matter where you are, we are here to serve your mining and earthmoving equipment needs.

Areas of Application

Tyre handlers are specially designed for the mining and earthmoving industries. However, these come in handy in any application that consists of fitting or removing tyres on earthmoving equipment.

Excavator buckets are typically connected to an excavator machine. They are designed for digging, so they let you plough through hard soil and even rocks. You can also use them for levelling, sloping, demolishing, ditching, and backfilling.

Forks are typically attached to backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, and skid-steer loaders. Their primary application is carrying, lifting, moving, stacking, or tiering construction or mining materials.

Jibs are earthmoving attachments that are used to transfer materials, suspend tools, supplement another crane for material handling, and many other lifting applications. Since they occupy a small working area, they are more efficient and easier to operate than large jib cranes.

Compactors are used to rearrange soil density to reduce subsequent settlement under working loads. They reduce the volume of pores in the soil that get filled with water and air for increased stability and compaction. This helps build a strong foundation.

Earthmoving Attachments for Rent in Perth

If you are looking for earthmoving attachments for hire, Plantman is here to help. We are based in Perth, Western Australia, and have been in operation since 1992. We offer the most extensive range of earthmoving attachments for rent in Perth and throughout Australia.

All Plantman equipment meets the stringent Australian mining standards and regulations, so quality and safety is guaranteed. We have ample experience in delivering for the mining industry, so if you are interested in buying or renting earthmoving attachments, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Earthmoving Attachments FAQs

Q: Why hire earthmoving attachments from Plantman?

A: Plantman Equipment has been operating since 1992, and we have had plenty of happy clients since then. We are the most comprehensive mining, earthmoving, construction, and civil equipment company in WA. Our BVQI ISO 9001 accreditation means that our quality products are fairly priced and are designed to meet your needs every time.

Q: What can earthmoving attachments be used for?

A: Earthmoving attachments can be used for various mining applications such as digging, lifting, compacting, demolishing, and transferring materials. Switching earthmoving attachments on your heavy equipment allows for excellent efficiency, versatility, and even portability in some cases.
Check out our FAQs section to get more of your questions answered.

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