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Airman SDG60 Diesel Generator

  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • 4 Cylinder Direct Injection
  • Emergency Stop Device
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank
  • Highly Attenuated Muffler



Buy or Rent Diesel Generators in Australia

A diesel generator integrates a diesel engine and an alternator or electric generator to produce electricity without grid access. They are primarily used in remote mining sites and construction zones as a power backup for electronic equipment to reduce downtime, playing an integral role in the mining industry.

Our diesel generators are fabricated as per Australian standards. They resist extreme environmental conditions and can be transported to any remote location. With attractive features like reduced noise and low fuel consumption, these machines offer ease in portability. Regardless of where you are in Australia, your generator will be there for you.

Unique Features

Our diesel generators are rich in unique features that set them apart from the many lower-quality ones on the market.

  • Low operating noise for exceptionally quiet operations
  • Specially built to prevent water penetration 
  • 4 Cylinder Direct Injection / turbo charged
  • 110% fluid capacity containment utilising double-wall steel fuel tanks
  • Large capacity fuel tank with a three-way selection valve
  • Utilises brushless alternator for maintenance-free use
  • Specially designed air inlets to increase airflow & lower suction pressure
  • Advanced air inlets to increase airflow & lower suction pressure
  • Comes with a standard emergency stop device
  • Contains a highly attenuated muffler and special exhaust

Performance Guaranteed

Manufactured using locally sourced, high-quality parts and raw materials in our Perth-based manufacturing facility, our performance-driven diesel generators meet Australian mining standards. Plantman's service vehicle fleet and equipment provide unbeatable performance even in the most challenging circumstances.

Variety of Applications

Diesel generators are suitable for a wide range of construction and earthwork application. They are proven helpful in powering remote locations such as oil rigs, mining camps and construction sites. These locations often experience extreme weather conditions with high temperatures, which our diesel generators are designed and manufactured to withstand without compromising performance.

Since any delays to work at mining and construction sites can bring hefty overheads, diesel generators are a guaranteed power source to mitigate blackouts and ensure consistency in operations.

Superior Fuel Efficiency

A significant advantage of using our diesel generators is that they offer superior fuel efficiency, which means you have a longer runtime and consume less fuel. It’s a dream come true for the mining and construction industry that demands high energy.

Handles Tough Australian Weather Conditions Like a Pro

Mining industries are often located in remote areas where the weather conditions can be harsh on equipment and hinder operations, especially in Australia. Plantman's diesel generators are built tough enough for all conditions, whether you need one for a mining or construction site with heavy machinery constantly running day-in, day-out.

Advantages of Diesel Generators

Modern diesel generators have become an excellent choice, overcoming the disadvantages of earlier models with higher costs. They now have added benefits over gas-powered ones of similar fashion.

Low Maintenance

Diesel engines are easier to run as they require fewer components to start, saving you from the hassle of changing spark plugs or rebuilding carburettors, unlike gas engines.


Diesel engines are built tough, so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear before breaking down, making them an excellent choice for powering equipment in all kinds of environmental conditions.

Higher Power Output 

Diesel generators can provide more power to handle higher energy requirements and last longer than other types of generators.

Safe storage

Although diesel is flammable, it is much harder to ignite than gasoline or other fuel types. It also produces a much lower amount of fumes that can catch fire. Diesel generators are thus safer for your operation site as well as the operators.

Diesel Generators for Rent in Perth

Get Plantman's exceptionally quiet diesel generator for rent in Perth and have it delivered to anywhere in Australia. You can count on us for short-term hire or long-term leasing options. Our diesel generator is always at your service, no matter how remote your business location.

You have access to rental diesel generators of the right size, shape and power output that work just right for you. They can also be easily transported using your company vehicle as they come with towing options.

The sound-absorbing feature of our diesel generators ensures low operating noise to save yourself and your employees from constant, loud noises. Their top-tier build quality makes them durable and prevents rainwater penetration.

With affordable rental prices for feature-rich and highly functional diesel generators, don't hesitate to reach out to Plantman. Call 08 9274 7820 or email [email protected] to discuss your needs with us.

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