ISUZU FVZ1400 6×4 Service Truck P5000 | ST056


Plantman P5000 – Isuzu FVZ 1400 Service Truck


Heavy duty chassis mounted-Steel 8 compartment service module:

Tank #Tank TypeTank Capacity
No 1Diesel reel, hose, Wiggins fast fill hand piece, Diesel reel, hose, Light Vehicle hand piece5,000 litre
No 2Oil reel, hose, hand piece, fast and top fill750 litre
No 3Oil reel, hose,    hand piece, fast and top fill750 litre
No 4Oil reel, hose,    hand piece, fast and top fill750 litre
No 5Oil reel, hose,    hand piece, fast and top fill750 litre
No 6Water reel, hose, hand piece, fast and top fill500 litre
No 7Waste reel, hose, hand piece, fast and gravity drain500 litre
No 8Coolant tank reel, hose, hand piece, fast and top fill500 litre
  • Bulk grease tank 2 pumps, reels, hoses, hand piece400 kg
  • High pressure grease system
  • Safety signage
  • All pumps are fully enclosed inside RHS pump cabinet
  • Hose reels are mounted RHS front
  • All systems are air operated
  • Dual element amber rotating beacon and 6 service lights
  • Polymer lined water and coolant tanks
  • Polymer lined waste oil tank
  • Top safety rails and steps
  • Enclosed steel pipe reticulation lines
  • Lockable start isolators to truck and air compressor
  • 2″ double diaphragm diesel delivery pump


  • 221KW turbo charged and inter cooled 4 cycle diesel engine
  • Exhaust and hydraulic retarder 
  • Euro IV compliant
  • Upright exhaust 
  • Allison MD World Series 6 speed automatic transmission 
  • Air-conditioned high roof cabin 
  • ROPS canopy 
  • ISRI suspension seat
  • Passenger seat with retractable seat belts
  • Buddy seat
  • AM/FM radio with compact disc player 
  • Fabric seats with canvas seat covers 
  • Electric windows 
  • Remote control door locks 
  • East West mirrors and spot mirrors 
  • Meritor front and rear axle set 
  • Spring front and rear suspension 
  • Non asbestos brake linings 
  • Air dryer 
  • Spring applied emergency and parking brake 
  • 11R x 22.5 Michelin drive tyres 
  • 295/80R x 22.5 Michelin steer tyres 
  • Rear mounted spare wheel 
  • Wheel brace and jack Standard tint laminated windscreen
  • Tropical tinted rear and side windows 
  • Safety signage 
  • Two-way radio wiring and power supply 12 and 24V 
  • 2 x 9kg Fire extinguishers 
  • Auxiliary lighting 
  • Reverse alarm 
  • Roof mounted dual element amber rotating beacon 
  • Lockable isolator 
  • Jump start receptacle 
  • Service meter
  • ROPS to AS 2294 ISO 3471
  • Passed road worthy for Western Australia


  • Diesel driven
  • Enclosed cabinet
  • Isolation switch
  • E-Stop

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