Semi Autonomous Drill Rod Handler


Semi Autonomous Drill Rod Handler for Crane Trucks

The Semi-Autonomous Drill Rod Handler works with a range of Plantman Equipment Crane Trucks together with a high-quality Hiab Crane providing a safe and efficient answer to all your Blast Hole Drill Rod Handling requirements.

The drill handler has been designed with versatility in mind allowing the Operator to pick up drill pipe/rods from almost any position around the truck and then position it to engage the Rotary Head.

Unique Gripping Jaw Technology

The Ezyload attachment uses eight pairs of Gripping Jaws that work independently of each other to hold the drill pipe/rod securely in place.

Mechanically stored energy is used to hold each jaw closed, and requires system pressure to open the jaws and release the drill rod. The Release Mechanism cannot be accessed from the Remote Control Unit, removing the chance of accidental release.

Drill Rod Handling Attachment Benefits

  • Remote control operation provides a hands-free environment and prevents the risk of personnel injury
  • Removes the requirement for a float to transport drills to the workshop
  • Fully automated grease system
  • Air operated jaw/clamps provide failsafe operation
  • Easy to replace jaw inserts
  • Jaw dimensions: min 4.00” – max  9⅝”
  • Drill rod lengths: min 4m – max  10m
  • Full training available
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